figuring out the economy

driving to the dentist yesterday, one of the two little voices in the back seat piped up and explained to me that amazon is a problem because if people only buy from there then if they get too big then there won't be any other places to buy things from and if they get too... Continue Reading →

a dream from 1998

November 10, 1998 From a dream this morning The dying woman sang “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” while her traveling companion served tea and small sandwiches. The traveling companion sternly and silently admonished those there who wouldn’t listen. But I and my cohort leaned in to catch every word. When the dying woman finished singing she... Continue Reading →

i have been letting certain nieces and nephews into a secret about star wars… there is only one movie, and anything else you might have heard of is an urban legend

not surprisingly, one of them is disputing this on logical and experiential grounds but eventually gave up on my nonsense and agreed that there might not be other movies because of main character deaths and other things that don't make sense... essentially advancing a proto-theory of head canon i sent this to him Oh, my... Continue Reading →

The Bright Ages: A follow-up

So, The Bright Ages. Easy to read, maybe challenging to digest. There has been some recent controversy about The Bright Ages, and I think it is important to acknowledge where the criticism makes important points about the failures of the authors. See the full review by M. Rambaran-Olm on Medium. In brief, the authors did a... Continue Reading →

what do you think the next level of #ttrpg entertainment is going to look like, and how does the thing hit it, and what is the thing, and does it look like professional wrestling?

There's this and then there was this and then an assurance from Shawn Merwin that there wasn't anything specific to talk about. It was a wide-ranging question, all the facets of any of those words are up for grabs. So. (If you're new around here, this is one of the discursive posts where... Continue Reading →

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