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Sometimes I write a game. Find them at itch.

What’s So Comic About Supers?

What's So Comic About Supers? coverThis small table top role playing game is built on the engine in What’s So Cool About Outer Space? It uses six sided dice to answer questions about success, but is mostly about playing superheroes with your friends.



Artful Anticks. [In verse. With illustrations.]This is also a small table top role playing game. You play trouble-solving heroes who pretty much like each other, though they sometimes only barely tolerate each other.


This is a Chair, Use it to Make Dreams

Book of Hours - caption: 'Marginal bas-de-page detail showing a farrier at work in front of his forge, striking a horse shoe, held by pincers on an anvil, with a hammer'This is a small table top roll playing game. It’s geared around solo play. It requires one six-sided die, something to write on, and something to write with. You probably have everything you need. 

Possum, Sword & Knapsack

This is a character design that I built after thinking about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1e) rules for intelligent swords. Play as a magically uplifted possum. The magic item is a two-part device, which gives you one more thing to keep track of… lose either item (the sword or the knapsack), and you’ll lose your magical uplift. 

Forest Outlaws

This is a small game about being an outlaw and getting the better of law people. It is inspired by the early Robin Hood legendarium, which is full of rollicking adventures in a harsh world. Be a good guy, and an outlaw. 



Sometimes I use the pen name Phil Strobe. You can find my e-books at Smashwords or Amazon.

The Wedding of the Princess-King and Other Stories

The Wedding of the Princess-King and Other Stories

A fairy tale for people in a fairy tale world. A moon mission with a sinister secret. A tax collector comes face to face with powers he doesn’t understand while investigating a celestial incident. The three stories in this collection will take you to imagined lands where people trying to get on with their lives grapple with unexpected forces. This collection contains the first appearances of these stories: “The Wedding of the Princess-King,” “Take the Moon at Full, Now She’s Changed,” and “Earthfall.”
Cover by Simon Brom. E-pub. or Kindle.

The World is Bigger than an Ell

ell-ebook final cover

Reality and meaning come together in the life of one man. As they spiral around each other, Darrin looks deeper into his life and the world around him, and is challenged by what he sees.

Darrin no longer sees things, but rather the shaped descriptions of things in this short story. This edition also contains two bonus items, “Because Love Resists Narrative,” a villanelle, and “Meet Ashley’s Neighbor,” a short-short episode in a serial character sketch.

Cover art and design by Stephen Brom. E-pub or Kindle.

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